Heal thyself this flu season

Diet and Disease_ An Ayuvedic Prescription for Health-2

“Let thy food be thy medicine” – Hippocrates

When I begin to get sick, I notice the very first symptoms immediatley like grogginess, soreness in my throat, post nasal drip, achiness, and this is when you have to become proactive in order to bypass the illness that’s about to take over your immune system. The key is catching the very first symptoms and immediately sending your body into defense-mode so that you regain enough strength in your immune system to fight back.

So, after waking up feeling a little under the weather immediately I reach for a dose of colloidal silver. (I use the brand Soveriegn Silver, and you can find this at your local health foods store.) Silver, in its active state, has been used for ages to strengthen the body’s immunity, and kill bacteria and viruses.

After this initial healing activation, I’ll make a warming breakfast. In Ayurveda, the 5,000 year old Hindu medicine system, the body can experience different imbalances coordinating with the different elements such as water, earth, air, space, and fire. When you experience an illness like cold or flu, you are experiencing an excess of the elements water and earth (cold, wet). This means your diet and lifestyle needs to reduce the cold, wet qualities of these elements by introducing fire. A great way to do this is by making a hot breakfast, steering clear of cold items like yogurt, or cereal. I would probably make a bowl of organic oatmeal topped with cinnamon (the antioxidants in cinnamon have anti inflammatory properties that help the body fight infections), walnuts, and honey. Throw in an orange on the side for a vitamin C shot, and a cup of hot herbal tea. Traditional Medincals makes a Gypsy Cold Care tea that I personally love containing elder, yarrow, and peppermint to warm and soothe your throat.

Allergens clearly have been floating around, as you’ve surely breathed them in filling your body with too much histamine. Now that your immune system has taken a toll from this bug, your body could use a little extra help clearing away anything that could cause more irritation lingering in your sinuses. That’s why I then would use my netti pot to clean out my sinuses, and gargle some warm salt water to cleanse the back of my throat.

My defense is strong, and now I would go out and take a 45 minute walk in nature without use of technology to recharge my spirit in the sun, and to cleanse the body with the breath. It’s important to take the time to exercise when feeling sick as studies have shown exercise to help speed up the body’s natural healing processes. Also, being mindful to drink extra water, and maybe some fresh pressed organic juice as well.

Allowing the body to have all of its energy to heal VS. digesting difficult to break up foods is of upmost importance on this first day of symptoms if you want to bite them off early on and avoid calling out of work for the entire week. This is why I️ would then integrate a liquid diet of warming soups, not containing any dairy or meat. Dairy and meat can cause excess inflammation and take quite a bit more time and energy to assimilate through digestion. So, just for this time, avoiding it is the best course of action.

Now if I have time, I allow myself time to sleep extra either by taking a nap or getting to bed early that night. When you are asleep, your nervous system slips into parasympathetic which is that state of which healing occurs.

Feeling well, and back to balance is how I usually wake up from that nap!

Wishing you the same results,


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