How to Use Sage to Cleanse Your Aura

In this article I will go over why you should cleanse your aura, and how you can use sage to do so.


Diet and Disease_ An Ayuvedic Prescription for Health-6.pngEnergy Clearing

Energy cleansing is crucial to obtaining optimal health and wellness especially when finding yourself in highly stressful environments like the corporate world, traffic jams, and the like. The first thing that falls out of balance is your energy, next comes your mind and emotions, then finally your physical body falls into disease or illness after enduring longer periods of mental or emotional distress. If we can maintain a healthy aura, we can maintain a healthy mind, heart, and body as well.

The Aura

The aura serves as a protection from lower energies, just as long as your aura is radiant and balanced with vibrancy of the 7 main chakras. If your aura is vibrating as a high frequency, the law of attraction then allows you to attract only high vibe situations and people into your auric field. If you’d like to learn more ways to raise your vibration check out my post Vibrate Higher. So, let’s bring your awareness now to the ways in which we can return to a bright, positive aura in the modern world using some ancient, and sacred tools to do so.

The Science of Sage

Sage is an herb, I’m sure you’ve familiarized with briefly, that is spiritually used as a tool so cleanse the energy and help to clear any blockages as it releases negatively polarized ions that fill up the air and send out a message to your body to put you into a more uplifted mood. Sage is also extremely anti-bacterial and kills off bacteria floating around in the air you breath. Our ancestors have always known intuitively the benefits of this herb, and now we are able to access scientific evidence that affirms their intuition. Now, you have more of an understanding on this herb let’s move forward into how to use it as smoke medicine in order to cleanse your own aura and allow you to vibrate higher.

  1. Buy a White Sage bundle, or a Smudging kit from your local apothecary or metaphysical shop.
  2. Prepare your surroundings by opening a window, and grabbing a lighter, and a dish to suffocate the embers in once you are done using the sage.
  3. Prepare your mind by setting an intention. You can use your own, or simply state to yourself: “I consciously release all negative blockages from my auric field to be transmuted into light.”
  4. Light the sage bundle carefully and begin to wave the sage smoke around your body lingering in areas you feel may be stagnant or blocked until you feel ready to move along to the rest of your body.
  5. Suffocate the embers, and thank yourself for taking this short amount of time to show a tremendous amount of self love!

Enjoy the enhanced state of being by taking the time after energy clearing to meditate, practice breath work, journal, paint, or practice yoga.

Love and light,


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