Holistically heal your Adrenal Fatigue so you can get the sleep you’ve been missing.

Holistically Healing your Adrenal Fatigue

If you notice yourself feeling ultra sluggish when it comes to mornings, barely able to pull yourself out of bed and get dressed for the day and later experience a surge of energy at night when it’s time to lay down and catch some Z’s, you are likely experiencing adrenal fatigue. What this means is that Cortisol, a hormone most commonly referred to as the “stress hormone” and that is essential for sending your body into an alert waking state, is being released in higher amounts in the evenings instead of the mornings. Obviously, this is causing some problems for you when your schedule is a nine to five Monday through Friday type of layout. So, how do you nourish your adrenals so that this can stop keeping you up at night, and you can get through your day without five cups of coffee and two shots of espresso?

It starts with relaxing the body as soon as the work day ends…

Hopefully your work day is ending at a reasonable time like 5 pm, but if it doesn’t it is still 100% possible to get back on track. Unless, you work a night shift… this makes it a bit tricky and I have to ask you to ask yourself if this is truly affecting your health negatively, is it worth the job and is there any way to change the situation? You can’t work in the long term if you don’t prioritize your health first. If your like most people on a pretty normal schedule coming home around the time it’s getting dark outside, my first tip towards you returning to vitality is to leave the work at work. Leave the scheduling at work or for the daytime hours, and leave the work related emails and texts and calls… at work! This is going to help to send your mind into a state of ease by helping it to change from sympathetic nervous system to parasympathetic. In Parasympathetic, the body is able to work on healing itself, and digesting rather than using all it’s energy reserve’s for alertness and muscular function. TV and computer use should be withdrawn 2-3 hours before bedtime ideally. The blue light that this technology sends out through the screen permeates the eyes and skin and signals the brain to wake up just as natural light in the morning time does in order to wake your body up naturally. This excess release of cortisol at night will definitely make it difficult to relax so I recommend using a blue light filter on your phone if you must use that before bedtime.

Digestion and Sleep

When it comes to transitioning from not being able to fall asleep until three in the morning to getting shut eye at 10 or 11 pm at the latest, it will make it so much easier if you make sure to eat 3-4 hours before bed. When your body is digesting a heavy meal, it is much more difficult to fall into a state of deep relaxation which will allow sleep to occur. If you are absolutely starving before bed, eat. But, eat something light such as soup, or yogurt. Bananas are also an excellent bedtime snack because the potassium helps to relax your muscles.

Caffeine Mindfulness

Caffeine certainly affects everyone differently, some people it makes them a nervous mess and gives them headaches without it and might decide to stop consuming it entirely. I personally have decided this is the best route for me and if you’d like to read why read my article Why I Stopped Consuming Caffeine. Although, many people can use a bit a caffeine responsibly to assist them with work efficacy and productivity without running their adrenals dry completely. It’s important to ensure you drink 8 ounces of water and eat a solid breakfast before doing so, unless you think stomach ulcers and jitters are a good time. Stopping consumption at least 4-6 hours before the end of the work day will also help to make sure you will feel at ease when it’s time to hit the hay being that the average half-life of caffeine is about that length of time.

Stepping out of the masculine energy, and into the feminine

Whether you are male or female, you have both masculine and feminine energies within you also known as Yin and Yang. Yin is the feminine aspect of yourself which is receptive, intuitive, and able to enjoy the process instead of being focused on the outcome. Yang is the masculine part of yourself which is goal driven, logical, and more conscious of the end product instead of the present moment. Stepping away from the to-do lists, and enjoying time with family and your partner is a way of turning on the feminine energy within you so you can receive nourishment and replenish your body which will help you to accomplish much more when it comes to returning to your Yang in the morning.

Exercise for the exhausted

Pushing your body to its limits isn’t going to serve you in the long run. Short term satisfaction is just that, short. If your experiencing Adrenal Fatigue steer clear of workouts like hot yoga and HIIT. Work your way back up to these kind of exercises by starting out with walking, doing light restorative yoga, and jogging for shorter durations. If your adrenals are out of wack, this actually sends all your other glands out of wack too. This means that stress can effect your ability to loose weight because when the adrenals fall out of balance, other glands like the Thyroid will compensate. So, even if you think slowing down will slow your results towards achieving your weight goals, it actually will really boost them.

Overall, steering clear of excess stress and giving your body the proper nutrients it needs to function will regulate your hormone production and rebalance your glandular system. Soon, you’ll be back to feeling sleepy by 10pm and rising happily with the sun the following morning. Give your body time to heal and you will be pleased with the increase in productivity and focus later to come.

Xx Mindy Sheppard

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