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Depression seeps into your being when you are experiencing a lack in the element fire. The symptoms of being weighted down, slow paced, and emotionally bleak are all qualities of an over accumulation of the elements water and earth in your constitution. The opposite must be reintroduced in order to return to balance. The chakra associated with this opposite element of fire is the Solar Plexus and this is what the meditation I am about to share with you is centered around. If you would like to learn more about the Solar Plexus Chakra before starting this meditation click here.

A beautiful way to enter fire into your vessel is to use the radiance of the sun, and the secondary element we will introduce in order to release some of the weight in your being and allow you to feel light and expressive is air. The wind is your catalyst for this alchemical transformation.

So… without further ado, remove your shoes and step outside to a quiet area, preferably in direct sunlight in the grass or soil. You can lay out a blanket to lay supine on top of.

Give yourself a few moments of breath. Following the breath through your nose into your lungs, and back out as you push your diaphragm to empty out your lungs completely.

Once you feel centered and in the moment, allow your breath to return to a natural pattern and change your focus into your Solar Plexus chakra. Feel the sun’s rays beaming into your Solar Plexus, feeding your body with life and fiery confidence. Now return to your breath as you focus on breathing the sun’s energy into your Solar Plexus, and as you exhale maintaining focus in the Solar Plexus instead of following the breath out. Imagine the breath coming in and giving more air and life to a fire within your Solar Plexus center, and as you exhale it growing larger and larger. Do this for several minutes, enjoying the vibrance it is nourishing your once lackluster cells with.

Now, feeling more energy and passion stimulated within your core, feel the wind blow through your aura. As it blows by allow yourself to let it take with it any worries, stresses, and fears that weigh down your vibration without labeling them or judging them. Continue this concentration until the wind has purified your entire aura of any blocks.

Returning to your focused breath, find a center again in the present moment. Begin to notice your nearby surroundings as you give your gratitude to the wind and to the sun for revitalizing your energy field with a newfound joy away from depression.

Nature is medicine, allow it to fill you up and always express your gratitude for its presence in your life. Building a relationship with the elements will help guide you into balance in any situation.

Healing and love to you and all beings,

Xx Mindy Sheppard

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