6 Simple Ways to Balance your Hormones

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6 Simple Ways to Balance your Hormones

Symptoms such as PMS, insomnia, headaches, PCOS, menstrual cramping, unexplained weight gain or weight loss, loss of appetite, emotional eating, acne, and many other issues are generally originating from an imbalance in your hormone levels. When one gland is thrown off by an imbalance, it sets the entire glandular system into disharmony. For example, if you are imbalanced in your adrenals because of overworking yourself, this in time can cause your other glands to fall out of order as well and release too much or too little of the hormone that they should be regulating. Fortunately, there are ways to address these symptoms and bring you back to homeostasis without popping a birth control pill to place a bandaid over the problem and eventually cause infertility issues and many other issues. Let’s take a look at these solutions to get you on the right path towards healing and restoring your glandular system.

1. Don’t over exercise/ under exercise.

Overdoing your workouts can actually cause a stress response on the body, signaling your adrenals to pump out the hormone cortisol. This hormone is great for waking you up in the morning from your slumber, but when experiencing unnecessary stressful situations it can cause inflammation in the body as well as sending your nervous system from parasympathetic, into sympathetic. This means that instead of healing the tissues of the body and digesting food properly, the body will be halting those tasks in order to focus on survival. This has been known to actually cause weight gain or plateau your results. Conversely, under-exercising deprives your body of a natural release of endorphins. Endorphins help to signal the brain to relieve pain and boosts your mood. Balance is key, so listen to your body. If you’re feeling sluggish, choose a laid back workout for the day like yoga. If you have lots of energy, try HIIT or running.

2. Be in bed at the same time every night, and be waking up at the same time every morning.

This one is key to healing insomnia or adrenal fatigue! Be sure to make your alarm the same every day, even if you don’t have work or anything to be up for. Just as you should be in bed at the same time every evening, regardless of if you will fall right to sleep or not. If you are tired of not being able to settle down at night, or not being able to pull yourself out of bed in the morning, this is something to be strict with. The body is very receptive to ritual in the matters of sleep.

3. Limit your intake of sugar.

Blood sugar fluctuation causes a variety of issues within your body. Your pancreas will react in the way it knows how to, and that means storing excess sugars. As for your mood, well… you will be crashing and burning frequently. This leads to inflammation and exhaustion. Limiting consumptions of sugar is a solution, switching to low-glycemic options like Agave, and Stevia are wonderful replacements.

4. Avoid harsh chemicals found in beauty products and house hold cleaning products.

Many beauty products have estrogen replicating ingredients that are absorbed by the skin and mistaken for actual estrogen by your body. This causes the body to produce less of the real hormone since it has registered the extra intake of these replicators. Avoid products containing Sodium Lauryl Sulfates, Sodium Laureth Sulfates, Parabens, Frangrance or Parfums, synthetic dyes, Triclosan, Toulene, and Formaldehyde at all costs. Makeup brands like Physicians Formula, and 100 Percent Pure are great alternatives, as well as Alba Botanica and Burt’s Bees for shower gels, face washes, lotions, chap sticks, and creams.

Cleaning products like Lysol, Windex, Clorox, and Ajax have many toxic chemicals that if breathed in, consumed, or touched can cause serious issues in the respiratory system as well as the glandular system. Switching to products such as Seventh Generation, Method, Mrs. Meyers, or making your own products out of ingredients like Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda, and Essential Oils, will save you from coming into contact with the harsh ingredients.

5. Eat three square meals, and have nutritious snacks in between. Avoid processed foods.

Ensuring you eat at set times throughout your day will help you to avoid overindulging and shooting your blood sugar through the roof. It’s a sure fire way to curb cravings, especially when you have meal prepped those three meals and have handy some fruit, nuts, and other healthy snacks.

6. Spend some time in the sunshine, and drink lots of water.

This is where the “You’re basically a plant, just with more complicated emotions” saying comes into play. Vitamin D is an excellent aid to relieve insomnia and weight gain. It aids the brain in releasing the proper hormones at the proper times to wake the body up (cortisol) and help it fall asleep (melatonin). This means artificial lighting certainly throws off this balance, so avoid it a couple hours before bed to help you relax at night.

Drinking lots of water is crucial for mood regulation and flushing the body out of excess hormones. Drinking 80 ounces of water a day as a woman, and 105 ounces as a male is a good parameter to go by.

Following these simple integral principles, you can ensue great results and limit the chances of experiencing any symptoms from an out of shape physiology.


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