Why it’s USELESS to Dim Your Light for Someone Else’s Comfort

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Empathy can go a long way, but when you start tuning into someone else’s insecurities, you may feel responsible for making them feel secure again.

This is counter-productive for your growth as well as their growth. By being a crutch for them, you don’t allow them to tap into their karma and grow past these insecurities by learning the necessary lessons. More so, you are refusing to shine your own light so not to be too much of you to make anyone uncomfortable.

Not being too much of you?

But lo, you are you. Falling into inauthenticity to spare someone of suffering (aka karma blocking them) is you giving them your power. Uncentering from who you are to be less of you, it’s a mental disease plaguing the people pleasing women of the world…the way we were raised to be; kind, nurturing, self-sacrificing. There are men who fall into this trap as well, but it is mostly the women who were raised as girls to be sweet, charming, and pressured to please.

This paradigm is shifting, as women resist and turn their paths against the grain. Standing strong and proud of who they are in all of their entirety, no matter who is around. It’s not boisterous, it’s not the opposite of humble, but it’s not catering to everyone else’s needs before your own either.

Be nurturing, be loving, but not to those who take your power from you in the meantime or who force you to be less of you for their own comfort. Be you.

With love,

Mindy Sheppard

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