Plant-based CANDIDA Detox


Plant-based Candida Detox

If you follow me along on Instagram, you know that I am currently detoxing to help eliminate the excess candida in my gut. Now, I’m not much interested in juice detoxes, pills, or dry fasting especially because my hormones are easily disturbed by those extremes and I work a strenuous career as a massage therapist and need food to maintain my energy throughout the workday. The safest, and in my opinion most effective way to detox is nutritionally. This route takes longer, and demands your consistency, but sustains results once you’ve integrated the new diet.

Candida Cleanse Diet

As for candida elimination, the nutritional detox diet I’m using is high protein and fat, and lower in my carbohydrates intake in order to limit the amount of carbs turning into sugar and feeding the candida. As a vegan, limiting my carbohydrate intake isn’t going to be easy therefore I have turned away from starches like potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas, and corn. These are digested and mostly turn into sugars. Also, eliminating sugar and even natural sugars from fruits is important during this time. Instead of white rice, I turn to brown rice in smaller portions. And beans are a no-go, so I turn to lentils, walnuts, almonds, seeds, and tofu for my protein currently.

A crucial thing to remember as well is to fluctuate what your eating, and to eat all the colors of the rainbow everyday. Most of the time an American diet consists of foods brown, yellow, or white in color (meats, eggs, milk, processed carbohydrates.) So, an example of fluctuating would be if you have oatmeal for breakfast, make sure you eat a very green and colorful lunch and dinner to support the detoxification process. If you drink pressed juice, make sure you are only drinking a green juice with ingredients such as kale, green apples, cucumbers, and the like so to avoid sugary fruits. Water, unsweetened almond milk, some other nut milks (omitting cashew), and unsweetened herbal teas are the only things supportive to be drinking besides a green juice during this cleanse.

Supplements to support your candida cleanse

Spirulina when supplemented can help to reduce candida growth tremendously. Make sure that it is a reputable brand made with clean Spirulina and containing no harsh binders. Buying capsules is a great way to avoid the binders. Also, purchasing a Probiotic will be beneficial to your cleanse. The best ones will be found at a health food store in the refrigerated section. Be sure to look for the products that have the largest variety of strains of probiotics within each serving. Some may say 10 billion strains or even more such as 50 billion. You get what you pay for in this case.

Once symptoms clear, slowly reintegrate some of your favorite fruits and starches back into your diet, but try to remember what you’ve learned from this detox and incorporate the principles into your normal diet so you can maintain results!

2 thoughts on “Plant-based CANDIDA Detox

    1. Although there are people who say it has helped their cleanse, I personally would steer clear of it as it seems there are many different views about this one and experiences due to the yeast inside for the fermentation process. I prefer to source my probiotics elsewhere for the detox period just to ensure the cleanse goes smoothly. 🙏🏼


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