Shrooms with Superpowers as Caffeine Replacements

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As I’ve written about before in my article Why I Stopped Consuming Caffeine, caffeine can tire the adrenals therefore those more sensitive to inflammation and anxiety should steer clear; but that’s not so easy for some of us who wake up before the sun does and are accustomed to running off of 3 cups of coffee a day. I’m so happy to say that there are sustainable sources of energy to use as alternatives for your morning cup of joe. Let’s talk about them.

Medicinal Mushrooms. They are what you’ve been searching for. Simply spoken, they are shrooms with super powers. They help the body in numerous ways to cope with stress in a more productive way. This is major brownie points in the eyes of your adrenal glands! Less negative stress responses equals less inflammation. This means the whole body is going to function more harmoniously.

One remarkable and noteworthy adaptogenic fungi is Cordyceps. Cordyceps are beautiful at stimulating the body’s natural production of energy so you can keep a steady amount of it throughout your day, unlike caffeine which gives you the jitters and then sends you falling into depletion. This is best for tasks that require a great deal of physical energy.

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Another mushroom to mention is Lion’s Mane. Lion’s Mane is excellent for mental clarity, focus, and memory improvement, to get the reading, writing, and learning done effectively and break through brain fog.

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On top of all of those shrooms, juicing has been an incredible source of natural energy for me. I will definitely write more on this topic soon in a later article, but I thought it was qualified for mention in this one as an alternative source of fuel. All the nutrients within the veggies and fruits hit you at once and liven your cells up sending you into an alert state of being.

Check out the products, try them on for size. See if you can wing yourself off of so much caffeine. It has done wonders for eliminating my anxiety symptoms as well as the way I handle stress.

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