RED and WHITE MOON Cycle: TUNE IN to the energetics of your menstruation

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Red and White Moon Cycle: Tune in to the Energetics of your Menstruation

In my previous post: Red Moon or White Moon Cycle, I dove deep into the meaning of the Red Moon Cycle, and the White Moon Cycle. If you haven’t read it, or don’t have your own background knowledge on this terminology, go check that out and come back to this post for more after.

As women, our bodies move cyclically, and therefore, our lives demand to do the same. Honoring the different cycles of our bodies longterm looks like welcoming the transitions of puberty, fertility, and later, menopause. On the short-term, we are able to take charge of how we will handle these larger transitions by allowing ourselves each month to experience life in alignment with the hormonal shifts occurring in the Follicular, Ovulatory, Luteal, and Menstrual phases of our cycle. When I say the way we honor our smaller transitions from the different phases of our monthly cycle will help us handle our bigger transitions into fertility and menopause I do mean that literally. Infertility is a huge concern amongst many women, but can be helped and prevented by syncing in to the natural rhythms of your monthly and acting in ways which allow the body to experience each phase appropriately.

The Energetics of the Follicular Phase

The Energetics: The Follicular phase of your monthly cycle comes with new life and energy. You have just ended your Menstrual phase and therefore tend to feel a sense of new beginnings. You are likely to feel a rush of creativity and an openness to new ideas and things that are out of your ordinary routine.

To Honor this Phase: Start a creative project, take a fun exercise class you’ve been wanting to try, or take a weekend trip to a nearby city you’ve been dying to check out. Keep the meals light and vibrant, and life as far from rigid in all possible ways. Your soul will thank you!

The Energetics of the Ovulatory Phase

The Energetics: The Ovulatory phase welcomes in loads of testosterone which means tons of energy for socializing. You will be likely to feel an increased desire to express yourself with others, and your communication skills are on fire right now!

To Honor this Phase: Collaborate on a project at work. Have some time with family and friends to catch up on life. Share some one on one time with your partner. Try a higher intensity workout because you have an excess of energy at this time. Keep the meals light and vibrant as well in this phase.

The Moon and You: If you are in tune with the White Moon Cycle, the moon would now be full. You bleed with the New Moon and therefore ovulate with the full. For those who bleed with the Red Moon Cycle, it would be a New Moon. You bleed with the Full Moon and therefore ovulate with the New Moon.

The Energetics of the Luteal Phase

The Energetics: In the beginning of this long phase, you will most likely feel pretty high energy. This will slowly decline as you come closer to the end and into menstruation. It’s common but not normal to experience PMS during this phase. If you do experience this, proper diet for each phase of your cycle and eliminating stressors can help heal this symptom. But, that’s for another blog post.

To Honor this Phase: In the beginning of this phase you can continue the higher intensity workouts, but slowly come into a less intense workout like biking, or restorative yoga. Your mind is sharp and grounded right now, so you will feel pulled to spend time finishing business and tying loose ends on your “To Do” list. Root veggies, and earthy, heartier meals are best for your body at this time.

The Energetics of the Menstrual Phase

The Energetics: You are likely to feel a release, as though what has been building up emotionally during your Luteal phase is finally evening out and flowing. Need for reflection is what is pulling your energy inward at this time.

To Honor this Phase: Allow yourself to feel the lower energy of this time by relaxing and meditating on areas of your personal development and life that need your attention. Cancel on plans if you need to, this time is for you to center and ground yourself so that in the next Follicular phase you can start taking intentional action. Light exercises like walking and yin yoga are ideal. Foods high in iron are key at this time.

The Moon and you: Red Moon Cycle ladies it is a Full Moon, and White Moon Cycle women it is a New Moon. Red Moon Cycle sisters, allow yourself to move in flow with these energies by allowing your introversion and self reflection out into the world with the fullness of this moon by creating art and expressing yourself in any other way. White Moon Cycle ladies work with the energies of the new moon by taking the time to think of your menstruation as a sacred release and new beginning, mirroring the new moon and welcoming in a new cycle.

Living in tune with what your body is needing from you will change your life. It may be a “going against the grain” approach when our society operates in a very masculine, linear way… but, it’s what you need. AND, it’s what this world needs more of too.

Infinite blessings and love,

Mindy Sheppard

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