Vegetarian Girl’s Guide to Savannah, Georgia

Restaurants in the heart of Savannah serving up the best vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

You may be finding yourself newly living in the historic town of Savannah, or visiting it’s charming brick paved squares when you realize you may need to have a plan to where you are going to find your next vegetarian meal.

I just returned from my trip to Savannah, Georgia and oh wow… There are some real vibey spots to sit down and grub out!

Here are a few of my favorite Vegetarian and Vegan friendly spots to eat in Savannah, Georgia.

Green Truck  Neighborhood Pub


Green Truck Pub is located in a sweet little corner of town with a simple and laid back exterior, just like the interior where you find cute relics of antique truck decor and a wall filled with Awards like “Savannah’s Best Burger.”

The menu has options for the non-veg head as well as tons of lovely vegetarian options. The ketchup, ranch, dressings, pimento cheese, and veggie patties are all house-made and absolutely phenomenal. They are there for foodies IMG_7886with various diet needs by giving the option for Gluten-Free buns, giving the non-veg eaters the highest quality meat, grass-fed and hormone free, and getting their coffee and produce locally.

When I just visited, I snagged a Veggie Rueben with a side of fries and the house-made ranch and was not let down in the slightest.

Click here to visit their website where you can browse their menu and learn more.



Mellow Mushroom

Mellow Mushroom restaurants can be found in numerous locations because they are franchised, but this particular restaurant has such a beautiful location in the heart of the historic district that I most certainly had to mention it on this list right up there with all these other unique spots.

Mellow Mushroom has something for every vegan, vegetarian, and meat lover. They even offer gluten-free options for those of you who need it. Their menu is flexible so that most pizzas can have the meat swapped with tofu or tempeh, and the cheese replaced with vegan non-dairy alternatives.

Check it out while you’re there, just try to get in before the dinner rush and make sure to get yourself a parking spot that has enough time on the meter if you do need to wait a bit because the place is very popular! Plan out what you may like to devour by clicking here and checking out their website.

The Funky Brunch Cafe

IMG_8065The Funky Brunch Cafe was truly one of a kind! You walk in and find yourself surrounded by chef’s dressed in green chef caps, matching green pants, and the funkiest aprons, as well as vibrant colors, and fascinating eclectic aesthetics. You will take a seat either inside or outside, we chose inside because of Savannah’s high population of nats flying around the tables outside that day. You have the option to sit at a table with a griddle if you are interesIMG_8061ted in cooking up your own personal pancakes, and that is exactly what I did. Just be careful because the griddle is hot!

While there wasn’t much to grub on for a vegan besides hash browns, unloaded grits, and toast, there was a whole lot for the vegetarian and gluten-free crowd. You are able to make your own pancakes or order them made, with the option of gluten-free batter, and a variety of add-ins and toppings to give your breakfast some flair. I opted for chocolate chips of course!

You can also find a Farmer’s Market Omelet on the menu, French toast, and a build your own breakfast sandwich! Check out the rest of their menu and learn more by clicking here.

Kayak Kafe

This restaurant had to be on my list because of it’s beautiful selection of healthful whole ingredient meals, sourced with organic and local in mind. Any meat they do have on their menu is either uncured and all natural bacon and deli meats, or locally and sustainably caught shrimp, cod, and tuna. Their eggs are always cage-free, and their cocktails for happy hour are super high-quality and delicious made without unnatural and artificial ingredients. They use gluten-free and GMO-free tortillas, and you can bet they can trace nearly every single ingredient they will be using to make your food which to the health conscious foodie is an absolute must.

They offer a fresh and tasty menu for the day, and also some lovely brunch options for the weekend, be sure to check them out by clicking here!

Leopold’s Ice cream

Leopold’s is a destination for anyone coming into Savannah, Georgia so it’s likely that if your there and ever with a group, you may find yourself here and needing to know if you will have any dairy-free or gluten-free options. And you most certainly do, because fortunately the chef at Fox and Fig Cafe assisted them in creating a lovely Vegan Vanilla Ice cream and all of the Sorbets are vegan as well! For you gluten-free foodies, all the ice creams are gluten-free unless they have something inside of them like cookie chunks or things like that, just double check before you order with someone working that day to ensure you are in the clear. Click here to read more about Leopold’s Ice Cream and their menu options.


Fox and Fig Cafe

This one is certainly a gem nestled in Troup Square. At Fox and Fig Cafe you will find yourself with an abundance of plant-based options as they boast a menu full of brunch-like dishes, sweet and rich desserts, locally sourced PERC coffee which helps curate their full espresso bar, Leopold’s coconut cream milkshakes, locally scouted baked goods, and tea options from Moon by Moon Apothecary. After 11 am they will serve you a glass of wine as well.

This one has a very gourmet vibe and I certainly recommend you stop in to experience their creative enguiniety in the kitchen! Click here to learn more about Fox and Fig Cafe.


With all this info you’ve got under your belt, you will be needing to purchase a new one. Stretchy yoga pants are always good for this much eating!

After, you’ve finished licking your fingers clean I’d like to hear how it all went. Let me know what you thought in the comments below of these places and tell me which one’s were your favorite!

Thanks for reading you lovely human, and enjoy your trip.


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