6 ways to make your wellness more attainable financially

Hello beauties!

Writing this as I’m about to depart to head over to Seattle, Washington for my love’s birthday trip this year.

While I’m elated to get on this plane and get out of Orlando for a bit, I also feel inspired to share my thoughts on an issue in wellness that needs to be talked about!

In this article, I wanted to take a look at the inaccessibility of wellness for the average salary woman.

Which include young women in college, and those in entry level positions after graduation.

If you have a medicine cabinet full of supplements including a good multi, a probiotic, b-12, adaptogens, all the organic skincare goodies that the instagram influencers are preaching about, and some Four Sigmatic or Bulletproof coffee essentials, you know, and your pocket knows, exactly what I’m talking about.

this girl loves a quality product sold by a brand who goes the extra mile to ensure there is fair trade, organic sourcing, and charitable contributions, but self care wouldn’t really be self care if it’s not holistic.

And holistically speaking, if your skincare and supplements are making you broke and stress about saving for travel or putting money in your Roth IRA account, it’s not self care!

So, that sums up why this discussion is necessary. Which leads us right on into the solution!

Here are five of my go to recommendations for making wellness more attainable financially.

  1. Oil cleansing, its old school. It’s simple. All you need are some wash clothes, I use dark grey ones since I wear makeup and they’d stain if they were white, and a non-comedogenic oil, like jojoba oil, that won’t clog your pores. Massage the oil on your face, run the washcloth under warm water, and clean your face off. I prefer double oil cleansing if you are wearing makeup. It’s a cleanser, and a moisturizer in one.
  2. Organic do it yourself mouthwash. Another simple fix for you, just grab some food-grade peppermint essential oil and Himalayan sea salt. Mix 2 tbsp of sea salt and as many drops as you’d like to taste and depending on amount of water you use. And there’s your mouth wash. Cleans and freshens your mouth, for nickels on the dime.
  3. Apothecary visits. Crazy money you could end up spending on adaptogenic tonics and elixirs with herbs in them, when you can find your local apothecary and get bulk organic herbs to make into your own powders and supplements!
  4. Supplement only what you know you need. This one is huge! If you are eating a diet rich in micronutrients, you most likely don’t need to supplement very much. I suggest taking blood work to test your deficiencies and figuring out your hormone, and Vitamin levels to choose the vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements right for you. This way you aren’t just throwing your money out and missing the target every time.
  5. Do it yourself “bullet proof” dandelion root latte. Maybe you are into the sustainable caffeine craze, well I’m not. If you are though, that’s great, and you can easily make your own coffee with this recipe, but I prefer supporting my adrenals all the way by removing stimulants as much as possible. So just add dandelion root tea, a nut milk of choice, and some cinnamon, and ghee. Blend or froth! And, voila!
  6. Do it yourself cleaning products. I’m sure you noticed the price difference switching to non toxic cleaning products, and that’s why I switched to keeping a spray bottle filled 1:10 with ACV, the rest of the way with water, and 20 drops of Lavender and Tea Tree Essential Oils. It’s gentle, and multi-purpose too. Doesn’t even leave my mirrors streaky. (Baking soda is great for more abrasive scrubbing like in the tub or sink).

Finally in this article, I felt it really important to highlight some things that I really do think are worth the splurge.

Anyways, here are those essentials worth the price tag.

  1. Natural Vitamin A, Organic Mineral SPF, and Vitamin C. The ABC’s of skincare: Vitamin A (retinol), burning protection (SPF), and Vitamin C.
  2. Organic bedding for you allergies, and skin!
  3. Cookware without toxic nonstick chemicals
  4. Blue blocking glasses to protect your eyes from straining in the office.
  5. Organic produce and quality groceries. You are what you eat, if you eat well, you don’t need to supplement as much. Research the Dirty Dozen list of the most heavily sprayed crops, and avoid getting those non organic at all costs!
  6. A quality alkaline water filter, for your drinking water and shower head.
  7. Probiotics that don’t die off before hitting your gut where they are needed.
  8. Ergonomic office chair and keyboard to save your body from repetitive stress injury, something I see all to often as a massage therapist.

These things listed above are not going to make or break you entirely, I believe true well being comes from within.

Although, with the environmental factors at play in modern times, these are the first things you should take a look at weaving into your conscious lifestyle, one at a time.

They are all investments into your long term health, and therefore worth the extra buck. Just be informed, and know the return on investment of what your purchasing for yourself.

Do you have any products or tools you’ve used to integrate more wellness into your daily life?

Comment down below and let me know. You can also share this article with someone who needs to hear that wellness isn’t out of reach, nor should it be.

Wishing you wellness,

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