Take the time to buy local

The Western World has renounced the joys of buying local produce from a farmer whose first name you know by heart for plastic-wrapped convenience and the year round fruit and vegetable selection. And frankly, I am not here for it!

I recently made a goal to shop at least 50% locally for everything I purchase. The romantic moments of shopping a local farmer’s market with colorful selections of seasonal produce and a fridge stocked with pasture-raised chicken’s eggs is much more inspiring to me then a Publix grocery store with taped off aisles to promote social distancing and frazzled customers who rush to complete their grocery lists.

The romance really gets me because oh man, I’m hopeless for color, aromas, and friendly faces who become acquaintances after many visits to their family run business. This slowing down of our routines to enrich them with more beauty is something I believe many people are becoming inspired to do.

The truth is this way of living is easy if you plan ahead. You can’t thrive without a well thought out and penciled down idea of the area you live in and where you can source each thing you may need to purchase. Not to mention staying on top of what needs to be purchased when so you don’t have to make a quick run to a, dare I say, Walmart because local options are closed.

All jokes aside, this isn’t about perfection either. Remember, the goal is just 50% or more.

Regarding source. Local Harvest is and excellent website to locate farms, CSA’s, farmer’s markets, and farm stands in your area.

Besides this, a local apothecary may be an excellent place to snag some body care products such as soaps, oils, lotions, toothpaste, and deodorant. The lavender aroma circling the air of the building as you shop will remind you of why you strive to make it in to a place like this when you could easily visit the nearest drug store.

Craft markets are filled with lovely gifts for your loved ones or you could become crafty yourself and make delicious canned jams, salsas, relishes, or nourishing Epsom salts, bath teas, and soaps.

Thrift stores are excellent for finding previously loved garments to freshen up your wardrobe. Many thrift stores do their part to provide work, food, and aid to your local area, so even if it’s a chain like GoodWill you are doing a service to your community and the planet by reducing your consumption of new resources.

Charming moments cease to slip by you when you begin recognizing the abundance that is right in front of you, homegrown and cultivated in your own community.

Reminding you to sink into more moments of calm by living a slow-paced lifestyle,

One thought on “Take the time to buy local

  1. Great post Mindy! I think it’s great that you brought awareness to supporting local, great way to give back to the community and much more environmental friendly. Thank you for sharing the link for LocalHarvest, I definitely need to check it out!


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