About me

Hello soulful human, my name is Mindy.

Thank you for being here and finding some curiosity in my journey through this thing called life which led me to create this holistic health and spirituality centered website.

Intuitive Calm was created as a cozy nook of the internet where empathic souls can come to retreat and find tips and inspiration to live an intuitively connected and blissfully calm lifestyle. This website serves to affirm the need for these two qualities in the life of the highly sensitive individual.

Coming from a past of emotional hardships and physical imbalances due to consumption of things like birth control, processed foods, and recreational drugs, I hold strong conviction to living holistically and in alignment with nature.

I know from experience and hours of research when humans begin to live artificially, they fall out of alignment spiritually first, emotionally second, and lastly physically. We are apart of nature, and recognizing this is key to maintaining health and wellness.

This passion I have for spreading awareness of holistic health has brought me into a beautiful career as a Licensed Massage Therapist. Within this pursuit I am able to deeply nurture individuals with pain, tension, chronic stress, anxiety, and many other concerns.

Providing safe touch and creating a safe space where my clients can finally exhale from the burdens of their day to day lives is something I feel blessed to do for living.

Besides massage therapy, I am astounded by botanical potions which has brought me to home study of herbalism and gardening in my small backyard in Central Florida. Capturing the medicinal properties of nature in tinctures, oils, infusions, teas, and so on is not only empowering but also an artful pursuit!

My partner, family and friends keep me grounded and adventurous, always venturing to a new natural spring or hiking a wooded trail together, perhaps perusing craft fairs and farmer’s markets and tasting new foods. All in good company!

From childhood playing in the dirt and making my treehouse into a cute little cottage of my own imagination, to teenage years of partying and exploring my limits, and finally into my current years as a young adult, finally returning to the beauty of nature and the present moment which I saw so intuitively as a young girl…

I hope to inspire others, and initiate healing in the lives of many through remembering the intuition within our own bodies and the capacity we all have to return to a healthy state of calm when we just pause, slow down, and listen.