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Intuitive Calm is a website guided towards reigniting my reader’s intuition and navigating them back to their calm, blissful, soulful state of being.

Essentially, each article, video, and page on this site is crafted in order to spark an electric pulse from your root to your crown chakra, connecting you back to your highest self so you can live a fully embodied life.

Intuition and acquiring a calm state of mind go hand and hand, therefore many of my articles are written to help those suffering with issues such as depression, anxiety, and anything else that causes disruption in the connection you have to your highest self.

I create articles and videos about:

  • minimalism for a calm mind
  • herbalism and connection to nature
  • spirituality and rituals
  • holistic health and wellness
  • alternative mental health
  • slow living inspiration

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Thank you so much for spending these sweet moments reading along and visiting my site. I hope to help you remember your path and purpose and provide you with tons of tools to stay embodied and full of vitality in this life.

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