Sessions + Readings

Service Offerings

The offerings for those local to Orlando will be held outdoors in order to soak up nature’s healing energy as long as weather permits. In some cases, I may be able to come to your home, especially for palliative care situations. You can purchase these services below, and email me at to set up the date and time.

Virtual offerings of Tarot/Oracle Readings, and Distance Reiki Sessions are also available. Purchase those below and be sure to send me an email after any purchase with a screenshot of the receipt and the service you purchased so that I can contact you about scheduling the session or send you your reading.

If you have any questions before booking, please feel free to email me the question. In the email, you may also state that you’d like to have a short call with me before booking and we can also arrange that. Looking forward to serving you on your path of healing.


Spiritual Renewal

90 minute session divinely crafted to release blocks, renew your spirits, and replenish your aura so that you can magnetize all the blessings you wish to manifest into your life.

  • Chakra Balancing Guided Meditation, and intention setting
  • Energy Cleansing with sacred herbal tools such as palo santo, white sage, and mugwort.
  • Reiki session tailored to your energetic body’s individual needs.
  • Tarot Reading to reveal blocks and understand the current situation followed with an Oracle card pull to reveal the best route to bring harmony into your life.
  • Closing with a gift bag with supplies for an individualized ritual for you to take home as homework.

Purchase Spiritual Renewal Session

Approximately 90 minute session, for those who are local to Orlando. Email me immediately after purchase to set up healing session date and time.




Goddess Reconnection

90 minute session designed to reconnect you with your divine feminine essence so that you can embody you truest self.

  • Divine Feminine Guided Meditation
  • Energy cleansing with sacred herbal tools such as mugwort, white sage, and palo santo
  • Reiki session focused on Sacral Chakra and also anywhere that you are experiencing blocks.
  • Goddess Oracle Reading
  • Closing with a gift bag of Yoni steam herbs, Sacred Bath Ritual supplies handpicked for you, and Abhyanga Oil (self massage oil) made with an herbal blend to balance your sacral and root chakras and align you with self love.

Purchase Goddess Reconnection Session

Approximately 90 minute healing session for those local to Orlando. Please email me immediately after purchase to set up a date and time for our session.



Virtual Oracle Readings

Virtual Oracle Readings are perfect for those who wish to find clarity on a given subject or question, or for those who would like to see where they stand on their path in general in the present moment. All readings will be sent to your email with photos and detailed descriptions of each cards meaning. Email me at if you’d like to purchase a reading.

    Celtic cross tarot reading which depicts a thorough understanding of where you stand at the present moment, what your strengths are, what your weaknesses are, and what the conclusion will be if all factors remain unchanged.
    After the Celtic cross reading, I will also offer a three card pull of Oracle Cards which will show things which you can incorporate to nourish yourself at this time which will serve your highest good.

Purchase Virtual Reading

After purchase of reading, email me with your full name, and a recent photo. Expect readings to arrive in your email with pictures and detailed descriptions of each card within 7 business days.


Home Blessings

Home blessings are a way to cleanse a new space of any unwanted or stagnant energies that may linger. Great for new homes, old homes which have been remodeled recently, or new business spaces. The home blessings I offer are not intended for those who have been experiencing heightened paranormal activity in their home. I believe in the power of a sacred space, and the high vibration of the space you live or work in is crucial to how you will feel in the space. Home blessings offer more harmony and liveliness to your surroundings.

  • A thorough cleansing of the home will be done with sacred herbs and woods, intention settings, and Reiki symbols.
  • I will show you how to cleanse your own space, and instruct you on timing of these cleansings, as well as provide you a gift bag of tools which you will use to perform these sacred rituals.

$120 energy exchange *Must email me to purchase this service, as we must set up a short phone call consultation to make sure you live in the radius I can serve, and to ensure this is a fit.


60 Minute Reiki Session

This session is ideal for those who are experiencing any physical, emotional, or spiritual dysfunction, that would like to open themselves to the universal healing energy so that the body, mind, and soul can heal holistically.

    Guided meditation to relax the mind
    Crystal healing throughout session
    Reiki healing on aura, focused on blocks.

Purchase Reiki Session

60 minute Reiki session for those local to Orlando. Immediately after purchase, email me with your name and availability so we can schedule your healing session.


Distance Reiki Session

This session is ideal for those who live in areas where there are no Reiki practitioners, or for healing a loved one who may not be in a place of openly seeking healing.

  • 60 minute distance Reiki session, starting with a guided meditation via Skype if the session is for someone in knowing of the healing.

Purchase Distance Reiki Session

60 minute distance Reiki session. Please email me immediately after purchase with full name of person receiving the reiki healing, and a photo if you cannot do a Skype call. If you can do a Skype call, email me to set up the date and time of our session.