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Welcome to Intuitive Calm!

Life is full of stressors that can disrupt our inner calm.

This is a place of inspiration and knowledge which will empower you to reintegrate an intuitive lifestyle that encourages more moments of calm within your daily life.

As a massage therapist and holistic health advocate, I hope to share what I have learned in helping others and myself to find a little bit of peace away from stress.

Take the time to buy local

The Western World has renounced the joys of buying local produce from a farmer whose first name you know by heart for plastic-wrapped convenience and the year round fruit and vegetable selection. And frankly, I am not here for it! I recently made a goal to shop at least 50% locally for everything I purchase. […]

5 Day Road Trip in the Republic of Ireland

The fact that I made it back from this trip in the timely manner which I did is a miracle with the current global pandemic causing extreme travel disruptions due to flight cancellations, border closures, and extensive screening processes in specified quarantine friendly airports. I am so grateful to be home so that this wave […]

6 ways to make your wellness more attainable financially

Hello beauties! Writing this as I’m about to depart to head over to Seattle, Washington for my love’s birthday trip this year. While I’m elated to get on this plane and get out of Orlando for a bit, I also feel inspired to share my thoughts on an issue in wellness that needs to be […]

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