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Calm is a full body experience. But does it begin in the mind or rather, in the body? I’d argue that neither one is the true origin of this permeating blissfulness warming your body and causing your muscles to melt into the solid ground beneath you. No, no… Calm starts in the spirit. When you tap into that soulful clarity, you are able to let go of the strings which keep you tied to your troubles. It’s not about escaping, it’s about living with some wiggle room. When I think of calm, I think of spaciousness.

Freedom. Freedom from aches in the physical vessel I occupy. Freedom from my worries and endless to-dos. Freedom from expectation. You see, when you combine a few simple elements together, you’ll always find your way to this state of consciousness. Into the mortar goes the simplicity, followed by a handful of clarity, and finally, with pestle in hand, you can activate these two ingredients with a little force and intention to create a sense of calm. This calm carries over into your physical reality, as you now wish to fuel your life with only things which lead to more of this feeling. Self-sustaining Ä€nanda.

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